The PMA-Basics: A revolutionary and effective approach for resolving health, behavioral, and other issues.


12 months


Any time


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PMA benefits everyone.

Progressive Mental Alignment delivers on its promises. It’s easy to apply, provides immediate effects, and guarantees long-lasting results. Everyone can benefit from it. That’s why more and more individuals and professionals are choosing PMA to enhance their personal and professional quality. Whether you read the book or participate in the Online PMA Basics, PMA-Pro, or PMA Ultimate, once you understand the power of your brain and know how to control your thoughts, you hold the key to a better life in your hands.

Experience a groundbreaking, entirely fresh concept that will amaze you. Rather than just treating symptoms, we tackle the root cause head-on, guiding you to recognize how issues manifest in your subconscious brain. Get ready for lasting transformation like never before.


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