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The PMA-Basics: A revolutionary and effective approach for resolving health, behavioral, and other issues.


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Jacob Korthuis

Jacob is the developer and founder of The Unified Brain Model and the driving force behind Progressive Mental Alignment.

Ingrid Korthuis-Schabbing

Ingrid is the Director of Coaching and Master Coach at the PMA Institute in the USA. She is deeply passionate about empowering others and elevating their well-being and life satisfaction to new levels.

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Discover the power of the Progressive Mental Alignment (PMA) program, which achieves impressive and lasting results. As a participant in the PMA basics, you will personally experience the impact and potential of this method. It quickly becomes clear why understanding the origins of problems is so important.

With PMA, you will notice immediate positive effects. Change occurs instantly where improvement is most needed, and your true potential emerges more prominently.

Would you like to learn more about how PMA works? Schedule a free consultation now. During this conversation, we will gladly let you experience the power of the PMA method and answer all your questions. Discover how PMA can help you achieve positive change in your life.

However, despite good intentions, none of these methods truly provide a lasting solution or lasting results in practice. In The Unified Brain Model, all existing proven facts about brain functioning is integrated.

Grounded in scientific disciplines such as neurobiology, physiology, and psychology, this model forms the foundation of a powerful questioning technique.

Progressive Mental Alignment is an evidence-based technique that has the potential to revolutionize your life or elevate your professional practice.