The PMA-Basics

The PMA-Basics: A revolutionary and effective approach for resolving health, behavioral, and other issues.


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Are you tired of lengthy processes and methods that fail to solve your problem?

Are you tired of long coaching or therapy sessions that seem to make little progress in solving your problems? With our approach, we directly target the underlying cause of your issues in the subconscious brain, providing lasting solutions.

Experience a groundbreaking, entirely fresh concept that will amaze you. Rather than just treating symptoms, we tackle the root cause head-on, guiding you to recognize how issues manifest in your subconscious brain. Get ready for lasting transformation like never before.

A revolutionary, innovative concept.

The PMA-Basics program is here to support you in the true cause of your problems and eliminating them once and for all. You’ll acquire the skills to permanently eliminate negative emotions and disruptive patterns in your subconscious that hinder your well-being, empowering you to regain full control of your life.

Common statements from professional health providers

“Approximately 40-60% of the patients I see in my practice have complaints without a medically identifiable cause.”


“I sense that we’re not reaching the underlying cause, and I’m missing the tools to make significant advancements.”


“I notice the disappointment among my clients when I must tell them that we cannot find a medical cause for their problems. (It’s all in your head.)

Understand your brain, address the root cause, and prevent relapse.

Why the PMA Basics?

Our approach is fundamentally different because we first focus on becoming aware of the true cause of problems that lie hidden in your subconscious brain. Through this process, you learn how to permanently eliminate subconscious interferences, resulting in a happier and healthier life. Our PMA-Basics program consists of video modules and live Zoom sessions led by experienced PMA coaches. Additionally, you become part of a practice group where you can apply the PMA method to yourself and other participants, leading to immediate positive effects.

- Jacob Korthuis –

  • Understanding the origin of a problem is essential for its resolution. Join Jacob Korthuis, the creator and founder of PMA, as he guides you through the fundamentals of the PMA method.
  • Experience and feel the power of the method yourself. PMA Master Coach Ingrid Korthuis-Schabbing not only demonstrates the fundamental aspects of the PMA method but empowers you to personally experience its profound strength.
  • Experience the swift and impactful application of the method in coaching, both for yourself and your fellow participants.
  • Address the underlying cause of problems and prevent relapse into old behaviors. By actively engaging with the method, you will begin to observe initial results in others and personally experience them firsthand.

Offer practical solutions and support for medically unexplained symptoms and self-sabotaging behaviors, ensuring lasting progress without relapse.

Avoid lengthy therapy or coaching sessions.

No treatment of symptoms but addressing the root cause of problems directly.

Regain control of your life!

Take control of the origin of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, decisions, and behavior!

The contents of the


  • Jacob Korthuis
  • Ingrid Korthuis-Schabbing
  • What can you expect from this training?
  • The gap between science and practice.


PMA and science
  • The difference between science and practice


Steps for progress and personal growth
  • Where are you now in life?
  • We all follow the same genetic programs.
  • The sensory areas of our brain.


Understanding your subconscious brain is vital.
  • Everything we perceive is coded.
  • What controls our physiology.
  • Sensory perception activates comparison material.
  • The process from external signal to emotion.


How do we interpret data?
  • Practicing spontaneous memories.
  • Allow the content of your bad clusters.


Mental pictures in a PMA session.
  • Practice spontaneous memories.
  • The value of the previous exercise.


Become aware of your senses
  • Exercise how perception activates comparison material.
  • Sensory perception affects your physiology.


Observations and feelings
  • Exercise to connect with your own body.
  • Where do you feel what in your body?


Trust your own subconscious brain
  • A pleasant observation from your past.
  • The subconscious brain is a code-reading mechanism.


Awareness is key
  • Perceptions and feelings in the now.
  • All observations activate comparison material.
  • Become aware of the triggering detail .
  • Why you need to experience the effects of PMA.


Vital aspects when practicing PMA
  • All mental pictures are relevant.


How the PMA method works
  • The 5 steps of the PMA technique in practice.
  • The subconscious brain never makes mistakes.


The foundation of PMA consists of 5 steps
  • The 5 steps of PMA explained.
  • The application of the 5 steps in a negative event.
  • Are feelings about another person always right?


The importance of revealing activated bad clusters
  • Code red can never be ignored.
  • A bad cluster is not a suppressed memory.
  • The basic rules we follow during a PMA session.


About 75% of our health complaints arise from bad clusters.
  • Always go in the direction of pain.
  • Resistance is a signal from your friend mechanism.


A summary of what we’ve learned so far
  • Team up with your friend mechanism.
  • Your personal basic PMA session with Ingrid.
  • Give your subconscious all the freedom it needs
  • Closing remarks PMA C-1.

The PMA Pro

The ideal next step after completing the PMA-Basics is the PMA-Pro!

With the PMA-Pro, we offer in-depth training and development on a personal and professional level, enabling you to release your full potential and elevate your skills and knowledge to new heights.
Whether you’re seeking personal growth or looking to enhance your career, PMA-Pro provides the tools and resources you need to succeed.

PMA Teachers

Jacob Korthuis

Jacob is the developer and founder of The Unified Brain Model and the driving force behind Progressive Mental Alignment.

Ingrid Korthuis-Schabbing

Ingrid is the Director of Coaching and PMA Master Coach at the PMA Institute. She is deeply passionate about empowering others and elevating their well-being and life satisfaction to new levels

“As individuals, we have the fundamental right to be informed, empowering us with the freedom to make well-informed decisions that align with our values”.
Jacob Korthuis

What do others say about PMA?

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In Summary

The PMA Basics

Modules and Lessons

The PMA-Basics program consists of 16 modules, and you can join at any time.

Video & Audio

The PMA-Basics program includes around 7 hours of video material. You can also listen to the videos as audio. In addition to the videos, the program includes a manual and live Zoom meetings. The total study time is approximately 18 hours.

Manual and Exercises

The PMA-Basics contains a manual and the videos contain all the exercises needed to successfully apply PMA in practice.

Live Zoom meetings

In the PMA-Basics section, you will have five 1-hour Zoom live meetings conducted by experienced PMA coaches. The program also includes exercises and activities to help you internalize the PMA knowledge.

Practice Groups with Fellow Students

You will have the opportunity to work together with fellow students in practice groups. This allows you to apply and reinforce the PMA knowledge you have learned.

Unlimited Access for 12 Months

With the PMA-Basics program, you have unlimited access to the modules, the manual, and all Zoom live meetings for 12 months. This flexibility enables you to learn at your own pace and in your own environment. It allows you to truly master the material.



Absolutely! The videos and assignments are understandable for everyone. Your subconscious brain quickly ‘recognizes’ the explanations because they clearly explain how the subconscious brain functions. No difficult scientific terms are used, but rather descriptions that everyone can understand.
No medical background or prior knowledge is required to understand and apply PMA. PMA is grounded in common sense, using relatable examples and experiences from everyday life.
If you are currently enrolled in another education program, please contact one of our PMA advisors to discuss the options available to you.
Don’t let busyness hold you back from achieving health, happiness, and success. Following the PMA-Basics program will help you organize your life more effectively, reducing your busyness and allowing you to thrive.
No, the PMA-Basics program is not exclusively for professionals. It is designed to benefit individuals from various backgrounds and walks of life who are interested in personal growth and self-improvement. Whether you are a professional or not, you can participate in and benefit immediately from the PMA-Basics program.
PMA is effective for anything where our brain plays a role, including health (Somatic Symptom Disorders, psychosomatic symptoms), behavior, autism, depression, stress, burnout, and more. PMA addresses the underlying subconscious patterns that influence these and other areas, providing a powerful approach for transformation and healing.
As a continuation of the PMA Basics, we offer the PMA-Pro, an in-depth training and development program that focuses on both personal and professional growth. With PMA-Pro, we help you unleash your full potential and elevate your skills and knowledge to the next level. Whether you’re seeking personal growth or aiming to enhance your career, PMA-Pro provides the tools and resources you need for your next step in gaining insights and improving the quality of your life and that of others. If you would like to learn more about PMA-Pro, feel free to contact us at: [email protected]