The PMA Ultimate

(PMA-Basics + PMA-Pro)

The official PMA professional training is tailored for every forward-thinking individual seeking to swiftly and effectively tackle health and behavioral challenges, delivering profound benefits for both professional practice and personal well-being.


Exiting new information

Are You a forward-thinking individual seeking professional and personal advancement?

The PMA-Ultimate goes beyond traditional treatments or training methods. It offers a groundbreaking approach to health and behavioral problems based on The Unified Brain Model. It helps you uncover the real root causes of your issues in your subconscious brain.

By addressing these hidden causes head-on, you can achieve lasting relief and transformation. The PMA-Ultimate empowers you to not only assist others but also experience firsthand the positive impact of this innovative approach.


A revolutionary, innovative concept.

With the PMA-Ultimate, we leverage the latest insights from neuroscience and deliver a radically innovative approach to problem-solving.

Our program is specifically designed for individuals who seek a transformative alternative to traditional methods.

Common statements from professional health providers


“Approximately 40-60% of the patients I see in my practice have complaints without a medically identifiable cause.”

 “I sense that we’re not reaching the underlying cause, and I’m missing the tools to make significant advancements.”

“I sense that we’re not reaching the underlying cause, and I’m missing the tools to make significant advancements.”

 “I notice the disappointment among my clients when I must tell them that we cannot find a medical cause for their problems. (It’s all in your head.)

“I notice the disappointment among my clients when I must tell them that we cannot find a medical cause for their problems. (It’s all in your head.)

Understand the brain, address the root cause, and prevent relapse.

Why the PMA Ultimate?

If you’re tired of traditional therapies and treatments that provide only temporary relief and lead to relapse, there’s now a revolutionary approach: PMA-Ultimate.

Our approach is fundamentally different as we first focus on becoming aware of the true cause of problems that are hidden in your subconscious brain. You’ll learn how to permanently eliminate subconscious roadblocks, resulting in a happier and healthier life.

For anyone progressive seeking to efficiently and quickly overcome health and behavioral hurdles, the PMA-Ultimate program is your path forward.

The program consists of two components: PMA-Basics and PMA-Pro. Along with online videos, tools, and practice groups, it also includes five live Zoom meetings with the creator and founder of PMA, Jacob Korthuis, and the PMA Master Coach, Ingrid Korthuis-Schabbing, to assist you in achieving your goals and staying on track.

- Jacob Korthuis –

  • Through your active participation in PMA-Basics, you have already gained a wealth of new knowledge and experiences regarding the influence of the subconscious brain on your feelings, thinking, beliefs, choices, behavior, and health. Yet, this is just the initial phase of an empowering quest that holds immense potential for growth and transformation.

  • In the captivating PMA-Ultimate, under the guidance of visionary Jacob Korthuis, you embark on a fascinating journey to expand your consciousness. Discover how your subconscious brain profoundly affects your life’s quality and learn effective techniques to overcome obstacles permanently. This transformative experience unlocks the path to a fulfilling and successful life.

  • Ingrid Korthuis-Schabbing, the PMA Master coach, unveils captivating and nuanced insights on various challenges, teaching you how to solve them in an even faster and more professional manner. With her profound knowledge and experience, she presents refined approaches that help you discover effective solutions. These valuable lessons lead to improvement in your personal and professional life.

  • The PMA-Ultimate is crucial for anyone committed to excelling in the practice of PMA professionally. It serves as a catalyst for personal growth, allowing individuals to tap into deeper levels of self-improvement and extend invaluable assistance to their loved ones. By participating in this training, you build a solid foundation to improve your life and make progress on emotional, mental, and physical levels.

  • PMA provides a universal approach to all issues related to human interaction and the unintended consequences we create ourselves. It focuses on resolving the underlying causes of problems and common health complaints while promoting inner peace and balance. With PMA, you can experience profound transformation and lead a harmonious life.
  • Offer practical solutions and support for medically unexplained symptoms and self-sabotaging behaviors, ensuring lasting progress without relapse.

Provide solutions and assistance for medically unexplained symptoms and self-sabotaging behavior without relapse.

Achieve permanent resolution of the underlying causes of health complaints and (destructive) behavior.

Experience deep contentment in your work through delivering quicker and more effective help.

Overcome the root cause of insecurity and cultivate inner peace.

Take control of the origin of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, decisions, and behavior!

The contents of


Everything Starts with Awareness
  • Become aware of the present.
  • Negative beliefs are rooted in bad clusters.
  • The behavior of a body cell.
  • Are you in ‘Nurture’ or in ‘Protection’?
  • Bad clusters are hidden energy sources.
  • Why it is important to follow the 5-steps of the PMA method consistently.
  • What not to do during a PMA session.
  • What to do during a PMA session.
  • The most important discoveries in PMA.
  • Our body’s self-healing ability.
  • No relapse after transforming a bad cluster.
  • Resistance is a signal of your friend mechanism.
  • Physiology is the core of our existence.
  • What is the purpose of a PMA Session
  • Becoming aware of your surroundings.
  • Understanding gives you a choice and control.


How Codes Control Our Live
  • The different communication routes in our body.
  • The registration and encoding of data.
  • The overall layout of the brain and how it records sensory data.
  • What are clusters, sub-clusters, fragments, and details?
  • The three main types of codes in PMA.
  • Exercise about cohesion codes and the absolute value codes.
  • Understanding the effects of the relative value codes.
  • The process from external perceptions to emotions.
  • Examples of questions to ask in Homebase.
  • Why it is important to use your clients’ words.
  • Extra information you can use during your clients’ session.
  • Contact your client after a session.


The Language Rules of Our Brain
  • The basic rules of the subconscious brain. Part 1.
  • The basic rules of the subconscious brain. Part 2.
  • Our subconscious brain stores everything we observe.
  • The use of codes in the analysis process.
  • Everything that happens in our brain is the result of stimulus/response.
  • All mistakes are made in our conscious brain.
  • Our reality is based on our comparison.
  • The gigantic storage capacity of our brain.
  • The importance of trusting your own subconscious brain.
  • Why the clients’ eyes are open during Homebase.
  • How to work with your clients’ friend mechanism during Homebase.
  • Your clients benefit from knowing their friend rituals.
  • Homebase contains several different moments and details.


The Foundation of Health and Happiness
  • Determining the importance of details.
  • What regulates and controls our physiology?
  • We make all our decisions based on our feelings.
  • Genetic aspects that control our subconscious brain.
  • How to improve your learning process.
  • How everyday triggers activate similar details of clusters or bad clusters.
  • The main cause that drains our life force.
  • The importance of homeostasis.
  • How sensory input activates changes in your body.
  • How PMA increases your skills with no relapse.
  • The next step after mapping Homebase.
  • How to keep your client on track?
  • How to continue when the client blocks the reliving.
  • When your client starts to reason during a reliving.
  • You never go from Homebase directly to the bad cluster.


The Basis of Our Decisions and Actions
  • Your perception determines your truth.
  • Why positive thinking does not work to solve problems
  • How our emotions are created.
  • How beliefs determine your behavior.
  • EQ is not the same as IQ.
  • The importance of recognizing nonverbal signals.
  • Become aware of facial expressions.
  • Your mind is making your body sick.
  • It is your life. There is no pressure in PMA.
  • The consequences of denying active bad clusters.
  • The core of everything is awareness.
  • Video 12: –The clients’ distracting behavior of Homebase during the session.
  • Asking the right questions at the right time.
  • The importance of doing PMA sessions yourself.
  • Facial expressions are a main source of activation.


The Power behind our learning process
  • The process of filling our database.
  • An unborn child feels the same emotions as the mother.
  • A child’s learning process starts in the womb.
  • Activate brain cells as early as possible.
  • The effects when a cell shuts down and degenerates.
  • The power of communication.
  • Experience the effects of executed relative value codes.
  • Your need for control shows that you have lost control.
  • The benefits of understanding your Higher Self.
  • Negative beliefs created in the womb.
  • Establishing the right detail in a specific moment.
  • We look for code red data during a PMA session.
  • Including the words “for you” in the question.
  • The importance of becoming aware of the whole picture.


Code red, the destructive lifesaver
  • A closer look at bad clusters.
  • The activation of code red.
  • The importance of Reliving.
  • How code red works and affects us.
  • The cycle of a bad cluster formation.
  • Trust your subconscious brain.
  • The effects of defusing a bad cluster.
  • The importance of nuanced relative value codes.
  • The impact of loss of control.
  • Activation caused by facial features.
  • Anything is possible to come up during a session.
  • The importance of knowing the source of your beliefs.
  • Experiences in the womb.


Suppressed memories are clusters
  • A bad cluster is not a suppressed memory.
  • The reason and effects of focusing.
  • The power of the cluster right after the bad cluster.
  • How and why we suppress memories.
  • How resistance and friend rituals work in your subconscious brain.
  • The negative feelings of code red are always executed.
  • Cluster physiology never makes us sick.
  • The impact of activated bad clusters.
  • The activation of the self-destruct mechanism.
  • Signals from activated bad clusters.
  • How to break the stop code.
  • How to work with the cluster before and after a bad cluster.
  • The benefits of knowing the rituals of your friend mechanism.
  • How to work effectively with health complaints.
  • Sudden and chronic health complaints.


The Use of PMA Forms
  • Introduction of the PMA forms.
  • Working with high and low numbers on the intake form.
  • The PMA growth form and the health status form.
  • You never go from Homebase to a bad cluster in one step.
  • The cause of psychosomatic health complaints
  • The cause of persistent fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Many active bad cluster details cause powerful negative physiology.
  • The effect of early and late bad clusters in life.
  • Everyone has the right to choose the pace at which they want to grow.
  • The PMA forms and how to start a session.
  • How to explain PMA during the first session.
  • How to use the PMA session form.
  • Get a clear picture of your client’s goals.
  • What to do when getting stuck during a session.


How to avoid self-sabotage
  • The basic principles of the PMA method during a session.
  • Without awareness, we cannot reveal the contents of bad clusters.
  • How to achieve optimal results.
  • How far are you willing to go?
  • The secret of letting go during a session.
  • Why the feeling of resistance comes up during a session.
  • Is your client in Nurture or Protection?
  • How the program of the friend mechanism works.
  • The six attributes of your friend mechanism.
  • Blackouts during a session are self-taught.
  • The friend mechanism in a session.
  • How to bring your client back in the process.
  • What to do when a client uses summary words?
  • When the client is focusing on one specific topic.


Become aware of your beliefs and rituals
  • The rituals of the friend mechanism.
  • Why we can always change our belief systems.
  • How to work with your friend mechanism.
  • How to discover if a belief serves you or not.
  • Your beliefs are created based on your feelings.
  • How to recognize the rituals of your friend mechanism.
  • The importance of becoming aware of your rituals.
  • Why emphasizing with your clients is so vital.
  • Why we surround ourselves with triggers.
  • The two kinds of intuition.
  • Everything that happens follows the stimulus/response rule.
  • The power of belief systems during a session.
  • Clinging to a negative belief is risky.
  • The cause of sabotaging beliefs lies in bad clusters.


Discover your hidden past and thrive
  • Beliefs are the basis of all our decisions.
  • How beliefs are created.
  • The basis of our thinking and behavior.
  • Every decision you make now comes from your past.
  • Stop lying to yourself.
  • Find answers by imagining the impossible.
  • Why do we ask about feelings after the triggering details are clear?
  • Do you experience life as a present?
  • Goals are not an obligation but provide direction.
  • The basic PMA steps summarized.
  • The benefits of using the PMA forms.
  • A summary of a PMA session.
  • Achieve optimal results with yourself and your clients.
  • Enjoy your own growth process.

The PMA Pro

The ideal next step after completing the PMA-Basics is the PMA-Pro!

With the PMA-Pro, we offer in-depth training and development on a personal and professional level, enabling you to release your full potential and elevate your skills and knowledge to new heights.
Whether you’re seeking personal growth or looking to enhance your career, PMA-Pro provides the tools and resources you need to succeed.


Jacob Korthuis

Jacob is the developer and founder of The Unified Brain Model and the driving force behind Progressive Mental Alignment.

Ingrid Korthuis-Schabbing

Ingrid is the Director of Coaching and Master Coach at the PMA Institute in the USA. She is deeply passionate about empowering others and elevating their well-being and life satisfaction to new levels.

“As individuals, we have the fundamental right to be informed, empowering us with the freedom to make well-informed decisions that align with our values.”
- Jacob Korthuis -

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In Summary

The PMA Ultimate

Modules and Lessons

This is the official PMA professional training program. The entire training is divided into 2 blocks.
Parts 1 – PMA Basics (7 hours of video material) consists of 16 modules, and Part 2 – PMA Pro (47 hours of video material) consists of 12 modules. You can join at any time. The total duration of block 1 and block 2 is approximately 1 year.

Video & Audio

The training program consists of over 54 hours of video material. This includes all the video content, study materials, regular practice in groups, and live Zoom meetings. The total study workload is approximately 100 hours.

Manual and Exercises

The PMA professional training program includes a manual and incorporates all the necessary exercises in the videos to effectively apply PMA in your practice, work, or personal development.

Zoom Live Meetings

The PMA professional training program consists of Block 1 – PMA Basics and Block 2 – PMA Pro. In Block 1, you will receive 5 Zoom live meetings, each lasting 1 hour, conducted by experienced PMA Coaches. In Block 2, you will receive 5 Zoom live meetings, each lasting 2 hours, conducted by the founder of the PMA method, Jacob Korthuis, and PMA Master Coach Ingrid Korthuis-Schabbing.

Practice Groups with Fellow Students

You will have the opportunity to work together with fellow students in practice groups. This allows you to apply and reinforce the PMA knowledge you have learned.

Unlimited Access for 1.5 Years

The strength of the PMA professional training program lies in its unique structure. You will have unlimited access for 1.5 years to all the modules, the complete study material, and all the Zoom live meetings. This allows you to learn at your own pace and in your own environment, enabling you to truly master the material. You will notice a significant impact on the quality of your coaching.


Get a 50% discount on all PMA books and e-books.

As part of the PMA-Pro training, you are eligible for a 50% discount on all English-language PMA books and e-books. This discount allows you to acquire these resources for yourself or share them with others, inspiring and expanding your knowledge in the field of PMA.


Absolutely! The videos and assignments are understandable for everyone. Your subconscious brain quickly ‘recognizes’ the explanations because they clearly explain how the subconscious brain functions. No difficult scientific terms are used, but rather descriptions that everyone can understand.
No medical background or prior knowledge is required to understand and apply PMA. PMA is grounded in common sense, using relatable examples and experiences from everyday life.
If you are currently enrolled in another education program, please contact one of our advisors to discuss the options available to you.
Don’t let busyness hold you back from achieving health, happiness, and success. Following the PMA-Basics program will help you organize your life more effectively, reducing your busyness and allowing you to thrive.
No, the PMA-Basics program is not exclusively for professionals. It is designed to benefit individuals from various backgrounds and walks of life who are interested in personal growth and self-improvement. Whether you are a professional or not, you can participate in and benefit immediately from the PMA-Basics program. After completing the entire training PMA-Basics and PMA-Pro, you earn the title of PMA-Practitioner.
PMA is effective for anything where our brain plays a role, including health (Somatic Symptom Disorders, psychosomatic symptoms), behavior, autism, depression, stress, burnout, and more. PMA addresses the underlying subconscious patterns that influence these and other areas, providing a powerful approach for transformation and healing.

As a follow-up to the PMA-Pro, you can further specialize as a PMA Coach and PMA Senior Coach. If you would like to know more about this, please feel free to send us a message via: [email protected]