The Unified Brain Model

The Unified Brain Model

The book “The Unified Brain Model” unveils that the majority of our actions are governed by processes in our subconscious brain.

This model integrates all established and scientifically validated facts, illustrating how genetic programs in our subconscious brain impact our physiology, emotions, and behavior.

The model describes how these programs collaborate to:

  • Control our thought processes, decisions, and ultimately behavior
  • Shape our emotions and reactions
  • Create beliefs that do not serve us
  • Dictate our actions and attitude
  • Provide a solution for psychosomatic and chronic health issues

This groundbreaking insight has led to an advanced technique to influence these programs and bring about positive changes in our behavior and health.

The book is highly recommended for therapists, counselors, doctors, coaches, and anyone seeking lasting solutions and transformations in their lives.

The operating system of our subconscious brain holds tremendous power and affects virtually every aspect of our existence.

The “Unified Brain Model” presents a comprehensive understanding of how our brain operates and empowers us to take charge of our lives.

It is a truly a must- read.

“If Jacob Korthuis were to receive the Nobel Prize, I would not be surprised at all!!” ~ Jaap Tybout, PhD, Psychologist

“This book has given me insight into how the brain works and the impact of consciousness on brain functioning in terms of my own experiences – what I feel, my decisions, my preferences, what I do, and why.
As a result, I have gained a better understanding of myself and others, the true causes of certain behaviors, thought processes, and beliefs.” ~ E. van Engelenhoven, CEO

“The insights from this book have made me realize that regaining control over my own life is possible. It has brought awareness to my self-sabotaging mechanisms.
As a result, I can change and adapt my inhibiting behavior to progressive behavior.
I absolutely recommend this method. It is not only beneficial for personal growth but also for satisfaction and happiness at work. One major advantage for me is its super effectiveness and straightforward approach.” ~ R. Beelen MSc