The Happy Millionaire

The Happy Millionaire

Despite the existence of numerous good books on developing effective financial skills, real-life results consistently show that readers can only apply a maximum of 25% of the advice and techniques.

Although readers fully agree with the remaining 75% of the information, they continually find themselves reverting to their old sabotaging behaviors.

In “The Happy Millionaire,” we reveal the recently discovered cause of these sabotaging beliefs and show you how to identify and neutralize these hidden disruptors buried in your subconscious brain.

By integrating findings from psychology, biology, neuroscience, physiology, and quantum physics, we have developed a groundbreaking technique called Progressive Mental AlignmentÒ (PMA).

PMA provides a powerful approach to transform the underlying causes of your inhibiting beliefs into motivating energy. It uncovers suppressed and hidden qualities and skills within you, paving the way to achieve your goals in all areas of life.

PMA will empower you to unleash the potential you have long felt within you. Wishing you success on your transformative journey as you apply Progressive Mental Alignment.