Desirable Power

Desirable Power

Your brain shapes your being. Everything you think and do, everything you fear and feel, it all begins in your brain.

When your brain functions properly, you may not give it much thought. However, when your brain processes information incorrectly you notice that immediately.

Unexplained complaints and disruptive emotions often stem from previous unknown subconscious brain procedures. Scientific research has shed light on the functioning of the brain, revealing its inherent self-healing capability.

Jacob Korthuis, the author of “The Unified Brain Model”, has dedicated his life to activating this natural ability. His method, Progressive Mental Alignment (PMA), assists in identifying and permanently resolving the root causes of psychosomatic conditions and complaints.

In his book, “Desirable Power,” Korthuis takes you on a transformative journey through your own brain, providing practical guidance on utilizing PMA.

By understanding how your brain processes information, you will acquire the tools to strengthen your brain and that of others in a lasting way.