Understand and overcome the cause of your problems.

Welcome to the world of Progressive Mental Alignment (PMA), where positive and healthy transformation begins.

You can only resolve problems if you understand their underlying cause. PMA reveals the role of your subconscious mind in causing and resolving problems.

The groundbreaking concept of PMA is twofold:

  1. It provides you with knowledge and insight into the cause.
  2. It offers immediate positive changes in your life through

    this powerful new method.

You will master a unique method that will serve you

throughout your life in solving current and future problems.

PMA Basics

Uncover the root of your challenges and problems and learn effective strategies to overcome them.


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Deepen your craftsmanship and skills to effectively employ PMA both professionally and for personal growth.

PMA Ultimate

     (PMA-Basics + PMA-Pro)
The only official PMA professional training.
Experience the power of the Complete PMA Practitioner Training, which empowers you to apply PMA with confidence and professionalism for transformative outcomes in your professional practice and personal development.

Your Brain Determines Your Being

Everything you feel and perceive, do and abstain from, reject and embrace: it all begins within the remarkable system that resides between your ears. Your brain is an extraordinary system that shapes your thoughts, emotions, actions, and overall well-being.

When the brain functions properly, everything is fine However…,

when your brain misinterprets incoming information, a significant risk of problems arises. Recent discovered sabotaging programs and data in our subconscious brain account for more than 75% of psychosomatic and psychological disorders.

PMA provides the means to effectively resolve and eliminate those malfunctions, ensuring long-lasting results.

Updates, Tips, and

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